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Coral Calcium with D3
VitaPurity Coral Calcium with Vitamin D3 is made from the Highest Quality Marine Grade Coral available! The Calcium to Magnesium ratio is a biologically perfect 2:1 plus it contains 75 trace minerals!
VitaPurity Coral Calcium with D3 is made from coral harvested prior to the 2011 Japan quake.

Calcium is the mineral in your body that makes up your bones and keeps them strong. Ninety-nine percent of the calcium in your body is stored in your bones and teeth. The remaining 1% is in your blood and soft tissues and is essential for life and health. Without calcium your muscles wouldn't contract correctly, your blood wouldn't clot and your nerves wouldn't carry messages. Calcium is absolutely essential to maintain a healthy life.

If you don't get enough calcium from the food you eat, your body automatically takes the calcium you need from your bones. If your body continues to tear down more bone than it replaces over a period of years, your bones become weak and break easily. This leads to the crippling bone disease called "osteoporosis."

Approximately 25 million American women have some degree of osteoporosis and 5 million American men suffer from osteoporosis.

A beautiful Coral Reef off of Okinawa, Japan.
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Calcium: "Just The Facts"

Your need for calcium starts before you are born and extends throughout your lifetime. The sad fact is, most people today are consuming fewer calcium-rich dairy products and vegetables. The most recent government survey of the eating habits of Americans confirms that most people are not getting enough calcium.

From birth until about age 18, your bones are forming and growing. Calcium is essential to this process.

During late adolescence, through young adulthood, adult bone is formed and reaches its maximum strength and density. The calcium that you provide to your bones when you are young determines how well they will hold up later in life. By age 35 your bones are about as strong as they are ever going to be.

The calcium that you provide to your bones when you are young determines how well they will hold up later in life.
Coral Calcium and Childbearing

No matter what age a woman is when she becomes pregnant, calcium is very important to both the mother and the baby. Calcium from the mother's body is used by the developing baby, putting increased demands on the mother's supply. Additional calcium should be consumed for both the mother's and baby's health.

Based on an analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association there is evidence that increasing calcium intake can help maintain normal blood pressure in pregnant women.(1) Pregnancy-induced high blood pressure is a serious complication that can put both mother and child at risk.

Increasing calcium intake can help maintain normal blood pressure in pregnant women.

VitaPurity Coral Calcium and Menopause

When a woman enters menopause, her body produces much less of the female hormone estrogen. Loss of estrogen increases the risk of osteoporosis. Recent studies have shown that estrogen and calcium are up to three times more effective in building bone than estrogen alone! The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends that women make certain they get adequate daily calcium intake to make hormone replacement therapy and other prescription osteoporosis medications work more effectively.

Let's not forget that men are also vulnerable to osteoporosis and need to consume adequate calcium throughout their older years to prevent further bone loss, and in their younger years to achieve peak bone mass.

Did You Know ...

Additional calcium intake may actually lower your risk for kidney stones. The largest study ever conducted on calcium and kidney stones, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1993, and another published in 1997, showed that daily calcium intake above 850 mg actually decreased the incidence of symptomatic kidney stones!(2)

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids to help lower your risk for stones. And keep taking VitaPurity Coral Calcium with Vitamin D3. Remember, failing to get enough calcium could increase the risk of stones.(3)

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine found that daily calcium intake above 850 mg actually DECREASED the incidence of kidney stones!
Some of the more important reasons we chose marine grade coral calcium as the basis for VitaPurity Coral Calcium with Vitamin D3 are increased pH, greater antioxidant potential, and the perfect balance of minerals that gives you an all-natural 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. The ionic minerals in VitaPurity Coral Calcium with Vitamin D3 come entirely from organic sources.

Plus we have added a full 400 I.U. of Vitamin D3 per serving to help stimulate calcium absorption and to enhance the bone-building process of the calcium.(4)(5)

The ionic minerals in VitaPurity Coral Calcium come entirely from organic sources.

I'll Leave You with a Little Known Fact ...

Did you know that Marine Coral Calcium is the only coral calcium that may be sold for human consumption in Japan? We are not aware of any above water (fossilized) coral calcium that is approved for human consumption in Japan. With their longevity and overall good health, it's clear the Japanese know what the best source of coral calcium is.

The number of people living to 100 years old and more in Okinawa is staggering!
VitaPurity Coral Calcium with Vitamin D3 is Ultra-Safe and Ultra-Effective. We use only the highest quality Marine Grade Coral Calcium that is meticulously harvested under stringent health standards. This attention to detail assures you the best results from all VitaPurity products.

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VitaPurity uses only the highest quality Marine Grade Coral Calcium.

This article is for information purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. You should consult with a physician or other health-care professional familiar with nutrition, prevention, and related health issues. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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