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A Message From The President
"Welcome to Recovery, Good Health and a Long Life!" VitaPurity was created to help people with debilitating illnesses find an alternative to conventional medicines through specialized nutraceuticals. The main focus of VitaPurity is to help you maintain a healthy body naturally.

I believe nutraceuticals are an important element in healing, recovery and ongoing health management. Modern medicine has developed effective treatments for many conditions but, we must remember that traditional medicine has not yet found the cures for cancer, cardiovascular disease or a host of other ailments that, at some point will strike most of us. Medical professionals simply do not have all the answers.

Otto Roder, the President and Founder of VitaPurity Corporation.

Otto Roder, President/CEO

VitaPurity offers you options. We provide you with powerful tools to help your body fight disease and infection, assist in the healing process, and help you maintain your good health. Our formulations can safely be taken side by side with many conventional medicines. You may also choose to use them exclusively as stand alone products ... or maybe you're feeling terrific right now and you just want to keep things that way and prevent your body from falling into decay. No matter which objective you choose, VitaPurity Can Help You.

The idea for what is now VitaPurity began several years ago when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was only 51 years old when she was given the horrifying news that she only had 3 to 6 months to live. Her physician recommended the standard battery of drugs along with radiation and chemotherapy in an attempt to make her as comfortable as possible ... but he gave her no hope of surviving.

Thankfully, my mother was not willing to accept a death sentence by a doctor who had nothing left to offer her, after all, "It was the '90s and somebody should have found a cure for cancer by now!"

Otto's mother in 1992.
This is my dear mother around the time she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992.
We began to frantically search for anything and everything to do with cancer therapies, treatments, remedies, etc. We narrowed our search down to several specific and proven nutraceutical, vitamin, herb and mineral cancer treatments.

Within weeks of starting this regimen my mother's cancer was not only stalled but reversing! The breast that had shriveled up and calcified was softening and new tissue was replacing the calcified tissue. Visible tumors were regressing and physically she was feeling great! My mother continued to treat herself for five (5) years ... Then she went to a self-proclaimed faith healer (Benny Hinn) who told her she was completely healed, as a result, my mother stopped taking the supplements and reverted back to her old lifestyle.

About six months after my mother stopped taking better care of herself the cancer returned. She only allowed me to help her manage the pain using conventional medications. Soon after, my mother died of cancer in July, 1997.

Watching my mother deteriorate and die was a horrific experience for me. It was made even more difficult because I knew she did not have to go! She could have and should have lived a long healthy life and been alive today to tell us about it ... it was during the pain of that moment when the idea for VitaPurity began.

I truly believe that people do not have to suffer and die ravaged by disease when there are so many wonderful, life-giving treatments right here at our fingertips! God provided all of the substances in nature we need to live long and healthy lives but, for some reason I cannot understand, so many of us turn away from these God-given cures and instead we turn to the cold and sterile world of modern medicine for ALL of the answers to our health.

Now, don't get me wrong, if I am ever seriously injured I want a skilled trauma team at a reputable hospital standing by to perform the necessary emergency surgery to save my life! But, by the same token, if I should ever be diagnosed with a terminal illness, I WILL NOT accept a doctor's estimate that I have a few months to live with no hope for survival. In my opinion, this is where a doctor's skill and expertise ends, and they should be the first ones to admit this to a patient.

The single, most important key to curing disease is a healthy, virile and robust immune system that is ready to fight off any physical illness that comes our way. Drugs simply do not build up our immune system, in fact, in many cases, they destroy our body's defense systems (just look at chemotherapy and radiation!).

VitaPurity is steadfastly committed to offering you only the finest, 100% pure, all-natural health supplements backed up by legitimate and verifiable scientific research confirming their abilities as disease fighters, immune system builders and life sustainers. VitaPurity pledges to provide all of this to you at the very lowest prices we can possibly offer. We realize that your health and well being depend on it.

Whether you choose to purchase your products from VitaPurity or another source I hope we can at least give you the information you need to make the very best decisions about your body's nutritional needs. Your well being, your recovery and your continued good health are our primary concern.

I have always believed when it comes to your health, "The Best Defense is a Good Offense." Choose to live healthy. Take care of yourself and take care of your loved ones.

To Your Health,

Otto Roder
VitaPurity Nutraceuticals