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Pacific Ocean Shark Cartilage
50% Stronger with MORE Bioavailability and MORE Active Shark Cartilage per Serving! GMP Certified and Pharmaceutical Grade. Contains Less than 20% Ash!

VitaPurity Pacific Ocean Shark Cartilage is an excellent source of Calcium, Phosphorus, amino acids and a family of carbohydrates called mucopolysaccharides.

VitaPurity Pacific Ocean Shark Cartilage is rich in nutrients that are critical to bone and joint health. Shark cartilage has been shown to retain fluids in joint cartilage, providing improved ability to cushion joints.

VitaPurity Pacific Ocean Shark Cartilage is flash frozen when caught. Our specially developed processing system produces a 100% Pharmaceutical Grade pure Shark Cartilage powder, free of skin and meat. The ultra fine milling also enables the active molecules to be efficiently and easily digested.

At VitaPurity we are committed to offering you the finest Pacific Ocean Shark Cartilage available at the lowest prices possible.

VitaPurity uses only the highest quality, 100% pure Shark Cartilage powder from Sharks harvested in the Pacific Ocean.
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Did You Know ...

Shark cartilage contains mucopolysaccharides which help reduce pain in bones and joints and also helps to improve mobility.

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded that shark cartilage contains an angiogenesis inhibiting substance that strongly inhibits the growth of new blood vessels that support undesired cell development, thereby restricting {their} growth.

Research at Columbia University in New York, Massachusetts Technical Institute, Brugmann University Hospital in Belgium, the University of Guadalajara in Mexico, and several other scientific institutes, indicates that Shark Cartilage may reduce the incidence of muscle pulls, and promote healthy joints and normal joint movement.

Studies conducted at the Children's Hospital in Boston, which was reported in Science, Vol 221 in September 1983 found that shark cartilage strongly repressed the growth of new blood vessels that spread to support {life-threatening} cells and their growth.

VitaPurity Pacific Ocean Shark Cartilage is rich in nutrients that are critical to bone and joint health.

What Is Shark Cartilage?

Shark Cartilage is a nutritional supplement gleaned from the skeleton of the shark. Sharks have skeletons made entirely of cartilage, the same flexible material in your nose and ears. Cartilage is sturdy like bone, but it has a much lower density. This material keeps sharks relatively lightweight, so they don't sink in the ocean and they don't need an air bladder like other fish. Shark cartilage contains chemical compounds with the impressive ability to inhibit the growth of new blood vessels which can be especially helpful in stopping the growth of harmful cells.

One of the most interesting things about cartilage is its importance to the body, an importance that is first apparent in the embryo. In an early fetus, there are no bones; it is cartilage that provides the framework on which most of the major bones of the body take form..

The bones of children are relatively pliable because they contain more cartilage and less calcium salts than do the bones of adults. Elderly people have much less soft tissue such as cartilage and a higher proportion of calcium salts, so their bones are more brittle.

The bones of children are pliable because they contain more cartilage than do the bones of adults.
Types of Shark Cartilage

Shark Cartilage is available in powder, capsules or pressed into tablets. Shark Cartilage capsules appeal to many consumers because they are more convenient and because many people find the taste and smell of shark cartilage powder unpleasant. VitaPurity chose to offer our Pacific Ocean Shark Cartilage in capsule form for ease of digestion and because capsules offer significantly more bioavailability than tablets.

The VitaPurity Advantage

Unadulterated dry shark cartilage powder is approximately 41.0% ash, 39.0% protein, 12.0% carbohydrates, 7.0% water, less than 1.0% fiber, and less than 0.3% fat. Basically, it is the macro-proteins and mucopolysaccharides that provide ALL the benefits of the shark cartilage. The ash content is a by-product of the extraction and processing.

Most companies do not take the extra steps to remove more of the ash after processing because it is an expensive undertaking. Some Shark Cartilage distributors actually go so far as to claim that the ash is beneficial for you! VitaPurity recognizes that ash is NOT beneficial, and has taken the extra step to make certain that the ash content is reduced to less than 20%!

VitaPurity Pacific Ocean Shark Cartilage is manufactured using a special cold process which protects the bioactivity of key elements and macro proteins. This cold processing combined with our filtration process eliminates ash to less than 20% which helps to make VitaPurity Pacific Ocean Shark Cartilage one of the finest shark cartilage products on the market today.

VitaPurity's special cold processing combined with our filtration process makes VitaPurity Pacific Ocean Shark Cartilage more potent than any other cartilage on the market today.

Recommended Dosage

Just two capsules daily 15 minutes before a meal as a dietary supplement. Studies have shown that a person can safely ingest from 2500mg (2.5g) up to 6000mg (6g) of shark cartilage daily. Much higher levels have also been used with success and the absence of side-effects under controlled conditions by qualified medical personnel.


Although shark cartilage is non-toxic, and can be taken together with other medical treatments, there are some conditions that are contraindicated. If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, recovering from recent surgery or have a heart or circulatory condition consult a health professional before using this product.

Remember, drugs do not cure degenerative diseases. Your body must be in good health to effectively destroy disease and heal itself. Enable your body with the essential elements it requires. VitaPurity stands ready to help you and to provide you with the proper nutritional building blocks so that you can achieve "Recovery, Good Health and a Long Life."


This article is for information purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. You should consult with a physician or other health-care professional familiar with nutrition, prevention, and related health issues. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.