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"Important Information about Ellagic Acid"

What is the difference between products containing "Ellagic Acid" and those containing "Ellagitannin Complex"?

a.) Products containing Ellagic Acid are synthesized, while;
b.) Products containing the whole Ellagitannin Complex provide Ellagic Acid in its natural form.

Did You Know ...

When you eat certain berries, fruits and nuts, your body converts the Ellagitannins they produce into Ellagic Acid much in the same way your body converts Beta-Carotene into Vitamin A. When you take Beta-Carotene you get the full benefit of Vitamin A, however, the synthetic form of Vitamin A poses potential health risks. The same is true for Ellagic Acid.

Several Ellagic Acid websites refer to a study which was done by Dr. Daniel Nixon at the Hollings Cancer Institute between 1994 and 1996. In this study Dr. Nixon showed that consuming one cup of
whole raspberries per day (equaling 40 mg. of Ellagitannin Complex) prevented the development of {life-threatening} cells. In smaller amounts the raspberries slowed the growth of these destructive cells and in higher amounts the raspberries actually caused these destructive cells to die.

VitaPurity Ellagic Ultra has been formulated to precisely match long-term medical research.

Because this published study focused on the "Ellagic Acid" content resulting from eating red raspberries, several companies quickly adopted an inexpensive synthesized form of Ellagic Acid. Keep in mind that Dr. Nixon's research was done using whole raspberries containing the whole Ellagitannin Complex. He DID NOT use raspberry seed powder or leaves. Most companies do not offer Ellagitannin Complex from fresh raspberries because it is very expensive to produce.

Did Dr. Nixon Actually Use Whole Raspberries?

Recently, we found that some online sites selling raspberry seed powder are claiming that Dr. Nixon used only raspberry seeds in his medical study. Is this true? Did Dr. Nixon only use raspberry seeds in his research? The answer is a resounding NO. Those other websites are either misinformed, didn't do their homework or are just plain lying to you.

Dr. Nixon based his research on test subjects eating one full cup of fresh whole raspberries daily. It is written in his very abstract on the subject! Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to find a copy of Dr. Nixon's actual findings on those websites that sell raspberry seed powder? The reason is simple, all of us who produce and sell Ellagitannin/Ellagic Acid products know very well that Dr. Nixon used whole raspberries not crushed seeds, and certainly not the leaves.

Dr. Nixon's findings published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology can be read here: Alternative and Complementary Therapies in Oncology Care

Here are a few "whole raspberry" quotes taken from Dr. Nixon's written report, in his own words:

"When we exposed these cancerous cells to ellagic acid in the amount that one gets from eating a cup of raspberries...a very profound apoptotic cell death occurred among human cervical cancer cells..."

"Our group is currently studying a number of patients,
each of whom has been eating 1 cup of raspberries once a day..."

"We are using KR67 assays in this study to determine whether
the dose of ellagic acid in 1 cup of raspberries returns the rate of cell proliferation back toward normal in patients...who have had colon cancer."

We encourage you to read the entire text by clicking on the link above. Don't simply take our word for it, or anyone else's for that matter. Study the research for yourself, weigh the options and come to a sound and intelligent conclusion. At VitaPurity we wouldn't have it any other way.

For The Benefit of Your Health

STEER CLEAR OF PRODUCTS that claim to have the "Strongest", "Finest" and "Highest" amounts of raspberry powder yet they do not provide you with the amount of Ellagitannin Complex you get from their "1,000mg" raspberry products. Most 1,000mg powders have virtually NO Ellagic Acid and NO Ellagitannin Complex in them!

VitaPurity uses the most expensive organically-grown, whole Red Raspberry standardized extract, a 4% extract providing a whopping 40mg of Ellagitannin Complex per two capsule (1,000mg) serving. Remember, if a company does not provide you with supplement facts you can bet they are using poor quality materials. FOR THE BENEFIT OF YOUR HEALTH, STEER CLEAR OF THEM.

For complete Ingredient Details on VitaPurity Ellagic Ultra click on this link: Supplement Facts.

Final Thoughts and Some Helpful Tips

VitaPurity is concerned that Ellagic Acid websites are misleading consumers by suggesting that their products will offer the same results as those found in the Hollings Cancer Institute study. Remember, Dr. Nixon DID NOT USE raspberry leaves, crushed raspberry seeds or synthetic Ellagic Acid supplements in his study, HE DID USE whole raspberries containing the entire Ellagitannin Complex.

And, don't forget, in nature raspberry seeds pass through your body without ever being absorbed, and, if not processed properly, raspberry leaves can actually develop harmful toxins! So, make sure you carefully read product labels ... ALWAYS!

VitaPurity Ellagic Ultra is made from whole, organic, Pharmaceutical Grade Red Raspberries.

The closest that one can come to matching the results of the Hollings Cancer Institute study, without having to eat a full cup of raspberries every day, is to take a nutritional supplement made from whole, organically-grown raspberry fruit most closely resembling the raspberry in its natural form. We have created such a supplement and it is called, VitaPurity Ellagic Ultra.

VitaPurity reviewed and documented over 140 scientific and medical studies, including the Hollings Cancer Institute results, before creating VitaPurity Ellagic Ultra.

Remember, Ellagic Acid does not occur naturally. Look for supplements containing the whole Ellagitannin Complex. VitaPurity recommends that you carefully read the labels and/or any documentation associated with Ellagic Acid products to determine whether they come from natural (Ellagitannin) or synthesized (Ellagic Acid) origins.

NOTE: VitaPurity Ellagic UltraTM capsules are ALL-NATURAL and made from 100% pure organically-grown, whole Red Raspberries.


VitaPurity DOES NOT use synthetics.